Lightning Bolt Antennas

HF antenna group

We have 2 type of HF antennas available for you to choose from. The Cubical Quad and the Delta Loop.The Cubical Quad comes in a 2 element and a 4 element model.The Delta Loop comes in a 2 element version only.Either model you choose, it will be built to order with the best possible work we can provide.
The Cubical Quad is of the square configuration as you will see in the picture.It is showing the model 32MCQ and will operate on the 10-15-20 meter bands.To see a clearer picture and the specifications on our 2 element cubical quads 32MCQ.
Also take a look at our other models for HF including the 34MCQ.

The Delta Loop consist of three arms.Using the same high grade material that you'll find in the Cubical Quad. Performance is on par with the quad.The big advantage is a cost savings to you ! To see a clearer picture and the specifications on all our Delta Loop antennas

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