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Now the Models 32 MCQ & 32MCQ/WB can be purchased with a 3 inch boom and 3 inch spiders for $340. this makes the antenna upgradable to a 34MCQ & 34MCQ/WB at a later date. We simply subtract the $340 from $725 to come up with the price to make the 2 element models into a 4 element model.

For those of you who wish to add 6 meters to your Model 32MCQ or 32MCQ/WB we now offer a 6 meter add on kit for $50 with a seperate feedline

Also a 6 meter add on kit can be added to the Models 34MCQ or 34MCQ/WB for $150 with a seperate feedline.

The Following Items are provided

Spiders with U bolts
Fiberglass frames
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The model 62mcq-4 is a dual band 6 and 2 meter quad. Features 2 elements on 6 meters and 4 elements on 2 meters. All fiberglass design with stainless hardware. Specifications are not yet available. The price for this dual band antenna is $89.95.

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